Robust Applications In Telecommunication Industry To Drive Industrial Ethernet Switch Market

industrial ethernet switch market

An Ethernet switch aids in connecting Ethernet devices, receives data frames from one device, and forwards them to the proper Ethernet switch ports. These Ethernet switches operate under the theory of storing and forwarding frames as they are received and sent. These switches can store frames in the data table, locate devices like PLCs and SCADA, and use an LED to monitor the network. Additionally, it can set frames. According to upcoming Market Research Future estimations, the Industrial Ethernet switch market share is anticipated to expand by USD 5.35 billion at a 7.1% CAGR between 2020 and 2030.

Critical producers in this Industrial Ethernet switch market are spending a lot of time and money expanding their manufacturing processes and relying on new, upcoming technical advances to enhance vehicle quality and raise overall production efficiency. The major manufacturing businesses are making many efforts to create a smart grid system employing these Ethernet connections that may help to increase production power at a reasonable cost and improve product quality. In a large factory or manufacturing floor, there is a potential for, and efforts are being made to develop a system that can enable the usage of a single network across several diverse endpoints. Particularly in this regard, the US-based business Rockwell automation was successful in its endeavor and created the Ethernet/IP protocol, which is now extensively utilized by various sectors, whether they be processing or hybrid industries.

First and foremost, the expansion of new data centers’ capacity by their owners and the government and the extensive usage of Ethernet cable in end-use sectors are the main drivers of this Industrial Ethernet switch market’s explosive growth. Additionally, the expanding need for automated switching devices and the growing dependence of businesses on data centers for high-speed data services are driving the increase.

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Widening applications to boost market growth

Finally, the market for Industrial Ethernet switches will expand as a result of the growing demand for communication protocols that are scalable, dependable, and fast. A data center’s capacity was 560 Exabytes in 2020, and due to the growing use of Ethernet switches and modems in such facilities, that capacity is predicted to rise to 720 Exabytes by 2028.

One of the main issues limiting the growth of the industrial Ethernet switch market is the high cost of installing these Ethernet switches utilized in industries, which most small-scale businesses cannot afford. Second, even though these switches are susceptible, they will undoubtedly function for decades after installation. Because of this, handling them requires a person with specialized knowledge and abilities. Because technicians and electricians lack these abilities, it is becoming yet another frightening factor that will work as a barrier to the growth of this business. These switches are expensive to install at first. Software and hardware must be installed correctly based on the intended application, which may contain additional functionality. The price may rise as a result of these extra services. To operate these complex devices, skilled personnel is needed.

The variety of industrial Ethernet switch solutions indicates an ongoing expansion of supplier offerings past the traditional eight-port DIN rail switch and service to niche applications. Industrial automation applications may reduce network traffic, in contrast to vertical integration and infrastructure applications, which aim for maximum throughput and capacity. The placement of industrial Ethernet among industries in various stages, such as supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) integration, programmable logic control (PLC) control, and others, is why the Asia-Pacific region will dominate the industrial ethernet switch market among all of these regions. This market is expanding in this area due to rising fiber optics utilization and demand in the telecommunications industry.

North America to hold significant market share 

Due to the development of data centers and the increasing need for the components supporting these data centers, North America will hold the second-largest market for industrial ethernet switches. Other specific considerations, such as the location of smart grids and extensive manufacturing facilities, will also significantly impact the development of this industry. Europe will experience substantial growth throughout the projection period due to the acceptance of smart factory ideas for using cutting-edge technology in manufacturing facilities. Due to a lack of technical developments and suitable infrastructure in this region, the Middle East and Africa will only see expected growth.

It is crucial to foster competition among the many main competitors at various market locations around the nation to have a thorough understanding of the Industrial Ethernet switch market information. By using various methods, such as product releases and upgrades, mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, etc., all the industrial ethernet switch market players are engaged in worldwide competition on the global marketplaces. For instance, sick introduced a live connect product in June 2020 to give a systematized connection from an edge gateway to the sick asset hub and a virtual representation of a sensor and its data. This tool aids in envisioning the sensor’s condition, creating new chances for improving the efficiency of the process and availability of the plant.


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