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Free PBX

In the digital age, the way businesses interact with their customers has changed. A good communication system is essential for business strategies and operations to succeed. Businesses can reduce their communication costs while enjoying all of the features and benefits of cloud-based phone systems like a VoIP phone system or a modern PBX phone system.

For a growing company, here are some of the benefits of a cloud-based PBX system.

Benefits of PBX phone system for business:

Boost operational efficiency

A PBX system improves communication between businesses and their customers and between employees within the same company. Calls can be automatically recorded with a PBX system, and incoming calls can be easily routed to the appropriate recipients.

Improve mobility at work

Businesses can use the PBX system to work from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing them to hire virtual employees and reduce overhead costs.

Save money and time

A PBX phone system can help business owners save money and time. It is cost-effective and long-lasting, making the initial investment worthwhile. You can save money on hiring technical experts for maintenance because the system is simple to manage with a user-friendly panel.

Monitor your calls

PBX systems take care of monitoring and logging all incoming and outgoing calls and recording them. Reviewing call logs will assist businesses in improving customer service and properly allocating responsibilities based on which department receives the most calls.

Types of popular PBX phone systems:

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX system is an IP-based PBX that operates over the internet, with all software and data stored in the cloud.

Key advantages of hosted PBX system:

  • Significant cost-savings. Since your entire phone system is hosted and managed in the cloud, you don’t need to invest in hardware with a cloud-hosted PBX solution.
  • Security. Your service provider handles all software upgrades, firewalls, and security patches with cloud-hosted PBX.
  • Advanced features like call control, voice menu, time conditions, queue, and more.
  • Flexibility. You can transfer office calls from your desktop to your softphones, answer calls while in transit, and even receive calls while traveling.

Virtual PBX system

VoIP phone / Ip phone is used to connect telephony carriers and IP phones in a virtual PBX system. The IP communication network is used to access calls and calling features over the internet.

Key advantages of virtual PBX system:

  • Business-grade features. Many essential PBX features are usually included for free, like auto-attendant, divert calls, call hold, and more.
  • Improve customer service. No calls will go unanswered with a virtual PBX. Calls are routed to the appropriate department automatically.
  • Online portal. All of the features, including adding and removing users, adjusting settings, and more, can be managed through the user-friendly online portal. It allows you to customize your phone system to meet the demands of your business.

IP PBX phone system

Instead of analog landlines, IP PBX uses digital phone signals to send calls. It then routes calls to a VoIP service provider, who manages the call’s initiation and termination.

Key advantages of IP PBX system:

  • Lower communication costs.
  • Cloud-based reliability. For dependable performance, a reliable VoIP service will have multiple data centers, so calls will be routed elsewhere even if the PBX goes down.
  • You only need your SIP address, password, domain, and you are set.
  • With minimal configuration, you can scale up the number of voice channels as your company grows.

Business phone systems are a valuable asset that can mean the difference between losing a customer’s trust and gaining their loyalty. With a business phone system, your company can thrive with its employees and customers.

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