How to Recover Deleted Videos from the Pen Drive

Recover the Deleted Videos from the Pen Drive

The videos that are deleted from the pen drive are recoverable most of the time. How can we recover deleted videos from the pen drive? Pen Drive recovery software methods, there are two options available for us. Some are free, some are not. We always prefer the free method but it is not for all lost data. It’s good for us to make distance ourselves from those paid solutions.

In the next paragraph, you will learn about the features of one of the best software to recover deleted data or videos from the pen drive. It is a Software pro USB data recovery wizard. With the help of this software, we can recover deleted data. Let’s move forward.

Features of SysTools USB Data Recovery

You can install a data recovery for any windows like Windows 8, window 10, etc. This application is capable do many things. You can recover the deleted, formatted, or corrupt data files from the USB drive. 

Now Features

  • This Pen Drive can pull out videos, pictures, document files, etc.
  • This application can support FAT32 [ File Allocation Table] or NTFS [ New Technology File System] formatted pen drive.
  • See the retrieved files and folder with their linked attributes. 
  • It permits a category filter that you can save needed videos from resorted data.
  • You can also find the advanced searching option for exploring the desired files.
  • In the disk image category, this application can allow deleted data to filter and preview the same category data.
  • In this tool, you can only recover deleted videos.
  • This software can support skipping the retrieved deleted videos while saving the videos.
  • It can retrieve formatted or deleted partitions of Mac OS HFS+.
  • Scan and Formatted scan are the two modes of video recovery.
  • Check out the deleted videos after double-clicking on the file on the software pane.
  • This software can support multiple languages from the installation setup.
  • It can also provide RAW files from memory cards.
  • It supports any size ex 2GB.4GB,8GB, and 16GB work with the USB device.

These are the features of the SysTools USB data recovery wizard. In this paragraph, we explain all the ways to recover the deleted videos from the Pen Drive. If you will follow these features step by step so, you will recover your deleted videos from the pen drive.

Let’s see some other ways to recover the deleted videos from the pen drive. In this processor, you will learn about how to recover deleted videos from a pen drive using USB software.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Pen Drive without using USB Software

The methods you will follow in this paragraph are useful for Windows 11/10/8/xp. 

The Methods are:

  1. To Recover the Deleted Videos from Pen Drive without Software- Use CMD.

With the help of command prompt [CMD], we can recover the deleted videos from the pen drive. Before recovering the deleted files from the pen drive with the help of CMD. You need to learn commands- line languages. This process is a little bit complicated. Even though it does not conform you will recover the deleted videos from this method, but there is no harm to trying. 

Method 1] Just connect the pen drive to your PC and then press the win R keys to launch the run program.

Method 2] Press “cmd” in the open section and click ok.

Method 3] In the command window you have to type this. ATTRIB- H- R- S/S/ D G * * ( The drive letter of your pen drive replaced the G letter here). After entering this command, the window will start to recover your deleted videos. You can check your pen drive after the process is complete.

Point: As soon as the restoration is completed, it creates a new folder with recovered deleted videos on the USB pen drive. If you will find it in CHK format, so you will need to rename it and save it in the reachable palace. Read this article for more information.


This article is basically for those people who try to find the answer to the question of how to recover deleted videos from the pen drive. In this article, we try to answer your question in 2 simple ways. Here, you will also find the best software to recover the deleted videos. That’s it SysTools USB data recovery software. This is trustable software. It will show you good results. Instead, in this way, we also write about recovering deleted videos from a pen drive without using USB software. These two ways help you in the feature.

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