Have A Serene Vacation at Mount Abu This Summer

Mount Abu
Mount Abu

Everyone wants to get away during the summer from the blazing summer sun. As such, tourists search for places to go to and often end up at hill stations. Hill stations have gotten so crowded that you can barely put a foot in front without dashing against someone else. Thus, for those people looking to catch a breath of fresh air without the crowds, you could check out Mount Abu Tour Packages and plan a vacation at Mount Abu in Rajasthan this year. 

Where is Mount Abu?

Mount Abu is a serene destination in Rajasthan, India, with lots of natural beauty and wonderful spots to spend time in. You get a variety of destinations at Mount Abu, ranging from pristine lakes to step hilltops. It is a complete destination with something to offer all kinds of tourists. If you are looking for picture-perfect places to take selfies, you have that. If you are looking for places to enjoy a peaceful walk with your family, you also get that.

So, this summer, Mount Abu should be your destination. Give this article a read and get to know some of the numerous places you can visit at Mount Abu. 

Mount Abu Sunset Point

The most prominent place at Mount Abu is probably Sunset Point. It is a spot located high up in the hills where you get to take breathtaking snapshots of the sun as it goes down. Tourists are sure to give this place a visit if they have gone to Mount Abu. 

However, there are many places tourists don’t know of and fail to make the most of their trip. With Mount Abu Tour Packages, you get a comprehensive tour with a trip plan that covers all the best destinations you shouldn’t miss. 

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Did you know that Mount Abu has a Wildlife Sanctuary situated there? If you didn’t, be sure to give it a visit. They have a wide array of flora and fauna to spend time with. Spread across a vast expanse of almost 300 km, you get to enjoy the peaceful scenery to the horizon. Moreover, you can watch the animals relaxing in their habitat and just enjoy the moment. It will be meditative. 

Temples at Mount Abu

Apart from wildlife, there are quite a few temples at Mount Abu that you can visit. Get in touch with your spiritual side! The most famous temple is, of course, Dilwara Temple, which is situated atop a short hill with architecture to rival that of the Taj Mahal. There are other major temples scattered all over as well, such as the Luna Vasahi and the Adhar Devi temple. Be sure to visit them for a spectacular experience amidst the mountainous scenery. 

Nakki Lake

There’s also Nakki Lake which is a pristine lake with cool and calm waters nestled between the hills. Mount Abu falls within the Aravalli range of mountains and thus is the perfect blend of mountains and forests. It has a unique flora that is the best of both. 


So, what’s there to think about anymore? Simply book Mount Abu Tour Packages and plan a visit this summer. You won’t regret it one bit; that’s a guarantee. You will spend your days in absolute joy, and before long, your trip will be over. And you will not want to come back; such is the magic of Mount Abu. So, no more delaying; just get in touch with Mount Abu Tour Packages and enjoy a wonderful vacation.  


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