Setup Arlo Camera and Fix Arlo Camera Offline

Setup Arlo Camera and Fix Arlo Camera Offline

Arlo is a great camera to secure your space. There are many people who would prefer to trust Arlo cameras as they provide full of features and HD recordings with the maintenance of protection. 

If you have also bought an Arlo camera for 100% security of your property then first you have to Setup Arlo Camera. If Arlo Setup will not be done properly then you will not get proper access to the cameras. 

So, you have to Setup Arlo accurately, so that you won’t face difficulties ahead. You would be amazed to know that this is the correct screen you are looking at to know “How to set up Arlo camera system”.

NOTE: All you have to do is to step by step follow the guidelines that are shared in this content with you. If you will skip any solutions then unfortunately you will fail to do Arlo camera setup on your own.

How To Setup Arlo Camera? Follow Easy & Quick Steps

Prior to sharing solutions with you to do Arlo setup, there are some points that you must note. Read the below suggested bulleted points:

  • The Internet you connect your cameras to should be strong and stable.
  • The batteries should be operative that you will insert.
  • Reboot the base station once.

How To Set Up Arlo Camera With Base Station

  • Open the battery compartment of the Arlo camera (Open it simply by holding the latch and sliding it to the outside).
  • Now, you have to insert the batteries into the battery compartment (Close it once you insert the batteries).
  • Now you have to take your camera near to your base station (There should be a gap of approx. 1 to 3 feet).
  • Press the sync button for 3 seconds on the base station.
  • Wait, till the LED turns to green light.
  • Once the green LED appears, you have to hold the sync button on the Arlo camera.
  • When a blue LED appears on the camera, it means that the camera is successfully synced with the base station.
  • The same procedure will apply to each camera.

How To Set Up Arlo Camera Without Base Station

Yes, the Arlo camera setup is possible without a base station. You need to install the Arlo app for that if you have already downloaded it then follow the suggested steps.

  • Open the Arlo app.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Tap on “My Devices”.
  • There click on the “Add New Device” option.
  • Then you have to select your camera.
  • Arlo will show “SmartHub” or “Base Station”.
  • You have to choose “Connect without smart hub” or “Connect without a base station”.
  • To connect your Arlo camera directly to the WiFi network, follow the instructions properly.

After following the in-app instructions, you will succeed in setup the Arlo camera even without a base station.

Arlo Camera Is Offline? Fix-It Now!

In some cases, people face Arlo camera offline issue. This happens due to some common issues. You don’t have to worry if you are facing the same issue. 

After following the steps stated below you will surely be out of this trouble. Just have a look at the solutions.

Check The Network

Some of the time the Internet-connected with the cameras is not good due to which the users face not recording or offline issues. Just check the speed or strength of the Internet. Make sure it should be stable and strong.

Reboot The Arlo Camera

Some of the time internal glitches cause trouble to the cameras. For proper operation, simply give a reboot to your cameras. Rebooting will definitely help you to overcome this problem.

Restart The Base Station

It can be possible that the error is troubling because of some problems with the base station. There are many technicians who fix the Arlo camera offline just by restarting the base station. 

It can be useful to you too. So, just restart the base station.

Update The Device

If your devices are not updated then this is the actual problem that is leading to this issue. Once you update your device, this trouble will vanish. While updating the device kindly make sure that the device would be connected to a strong and stable Internet. 

Otherwise, you will face difficulty in updating your device. Also, make sure to update your device from time to time. It will be beneficial for the proper maintenance of your device.

Hopefully, after following these steps you will definitely be free from the Arlo camera offline issue. Now you can freely get full access to the cameras. It will not cause any problem for you.


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