Will Hair Extensions Work with Curly Hair?


The hair extensions market is a convenience and flexibility shop. There are several different textures and colors of hair to serve all kinds of natural hair looks. It doesn’t matter if you have straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair. Whatever kind of hair you have, there is a matching hair extension, in texture and color.

Rather than worry yourself about how to get hair extensions that will blend into your curly hair, focus on making sure to get Remy Hair since their preservation of the hair cuticle makes a huge difference to the hairstyle you’re going to wear, finally.

To go straight to the question: Of course, hair extensions will work with your curly hair. So if you’re a curly girl, there are a number of things you’d want to consider before getting a hair extension.

A Matching Hair Extension

There are literally many different types of hair extensions. You’ll find straight extension hair, wavy ones, and of course, curly ones, too. So if your natural locks are curls, the easiest way is to find human hair extensions that are as curly as your own. Finding a matching weft isn’t going to take the whole day.

Consult a Professional Hair Extensions Stylist

Consulting a professional hair extensions stylist should probably be your first approach. You’ll then learn from them what exactly can be done, what kind of hair extensions you’ll need, and whether the hair extensions or your natural hair, or both, would need to be treated for a perfect blend to happen.

Treat the Hair extension or Treat Your own Hair

This has already been hinted at above. But for clarity, it’s good to spell things out sometimes. So you might need to treat the hair extension to look like your own strands, in texture and color. Or you may decide to treat your own natural curls to look like the hair extension you want to get. Especially if you’ve been longing to wear straight hair, straightening your hair for the meantime could help you get that fabulous look you’ve always wanted. Note: This might require a few trips to your hairstylist’s before you finally get the hair extension installed for you.

Sew-in Hair Extension

If you desire not to use any of the tips above, surely this last one will give you the damsel’s look of your choice, no matter the texture and color of your original hair.

Go for sew-in hair extensions installation. With sew-in, every strand of your natural hair will be cornrowed and tucked away under the braids such that it isn’t visible while you’re wearing that glamorous hair you bought. With sew-in hair extensions, you can wear any kind of hair extensions you like: wavy, straight, curly, name it.

You have now seen why you should save worrying for the most important things, like how to get 100% Remy human hair extensions. Meeting this requirement specifies how long your hair extension is going to last because it’s of great essence that the hair cuticle is preserved, which is what Remy is all about. Once you have the original human hair extension in hand, you may then choose to go by any of the tips above to install the hair to your natural curls.