You Don’t Mess with Carry Minati


There has been a lot of news on TikTok rating downsized from 4.7 stars to under 2 stars in a very short time. Many users have given this billion-dollar app 1 star and many even have voiced their opinion for banning this app in India. It all happened due to a verbal fight between Carry Minati and Amir Siddiqui.

Carry Minati roasted Amir Siddiqui for his views on YouTuber’s. And his video gained millions of views in days as Youtube had to bring down the video due to the nature of the content. The video even broke the record for maximum video likes in a day and was in social media trending for days. So will it now affect the rating of TikTok and fall in India? Well, it looks like so for now!

TikTok rating down

Organic Search Goes Down

When users search for any particular app on the Application store. Top apps with the highest rating get the best positions. But now with the Tiktok rating going down it is deemed to go down.

TikTok rating down

New Users See The Review

Most of the new users often check these ratings and read feedback before downloading. And as these ratings go down it can give a negative impact in the eyes of the users. So this can affect the progress of any mobile app in the future downloads as well.

Google Will also downsize them from the featured app category as they go below 4-star ratings. Ratings can downgrade the success of Mobile App.